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“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”

-Mark Cuban

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There are a lot of difficult careers with excellent earning potential doctors, lawyers, and engineers. The world will always need these people. There is another path which is the path less traveled because it is risky. This path is being an entrepreneur. A very small percentage of entrepreneurs actually create successful startups. Your odds of failing in your first year are very high.

Things get really heated when you go down this path completely alone. That is being a solopreneur. This does seem lonelier than going in with a partner but you learn a lot about fending for yourself and understanding it’s OK to separate yourself from everyone else.

In a small business the company starts and ends with you. You have unlimited gains for money and growth if you work for it. However if you don’t hustle you will not make anything.

You should feel as if you are grinding you face against a brick wall. If you are feeling anything more soothing you are not trying enough. It also feels as if you put yourself away from everyone else, the reasoning behind this is because you are working hard at your dream and you need that seclusion. You should strive to be different from everyone else.

When you are a solopreneur it consists of long hours. For myself it consists of being the last one to go to asleep and to be the first one awake. It also sadly consists of not spending as much time with friends and family. solopreneurs also get no vacations, but they do get to work hard to beat the people who just went on vacation.

Being normal is boring. You should not feel “weird” for wanting a life of freedom and prosperity you just have to bite a bigger bullet than those non trailblazers. This concludes my article for solopreneurship. To anyone out there trying to make it as an entrepreneur or freelancer keep working at it you will reap the rewards if you slog through the mess than is being your own boss. I fully understand the difficulties through starting my own business and see it grow very slowly. Keep pushing.

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Is all passive income truly passive?

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“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Smith

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Working at a job produces income. When you work for someone you don’t trade your own capital but you instead trade a more precious resource which is time. If you want financial freedom you cannot rely solely on this Using time for money. The ideal scenario is to trade your sleep and wake up with what is known as passive income.

Tethering multiple streams of income is absolutely essential in today’s society. With rising costs of living and inflation Peoples incomes are being eaten up. Passive income is only considered completely passive if it requires zero upkeep. If you are rental property owner with a property manager you have passive income, however if you are an owner of various vending machines you do not have passive income because you have to collect the deposits and fill the machines. Is it minor upkeep yes, but it is still upkeep and passive income is all hands off.

Getting passive income does require some setup work though. But once you get your little proverbial “machine” going it will start working for itself without you. Anyone can start earning passive income. In fact after reading this article you can download passive income apps. Granted they are very small amounts of income, but they require no upkeep on your part.

The two big ones I recommend are S’more (Android Exclusive) and Panel. S’more is a lock screen app that gives you 10 cents a day for unlocking your phone. That equates to $3.00 a month or a little over $30.00 annually. S’mores also has surveys you can take, however be warned because getting through one entire survey can be very time consuming and not worth your time if you have something better to do. Panel is my preferred app of choice due to their being no exclusivity and it does not make your phone harder to unlock. Every time you log into the app you are given points which you can exchange for various gift cards.

If you are willing to put in more time for larger returns other passive income strategy’s include:

  • Buying a property and renting it out.(If you want to really have some fun with this one get a first time home owners mortgage at 3.5% interest and buy a duplex) First time homeowners mortgages require primary residency so this works hand in hand with renting it out. Granted your monthly payment will be higher, but you do not have to leave your house to check on your property. How awesome is that!
  • Purchase multiple vending machines and hire someone to refill them. This one is less expensive than the first one by a long shot, but you will need employees. (If you get mechanical machines and not electronic ones you get the added benefit of no electrical costs and very little upkeep.)
  • Start a blog.(This one is the most setup heavy one.) A successful blog can take years to get big enough to get sufficient income. If you enjoy writing content(like myself) and are very passionate about your website you can use it to EVENTUALLY make money.(Note: If you really want to start a blog do it if you actually want to post stuff. Do not create a blog to “make money”. I put this strategy in here because it is the reward you get for producing all that content.)

To answer the title question finally it is a resounding NO. Not all passive income is truly passive. The larger income producing ones require more setup and the lower income producers require no setup at all.

I hope each and everyone of you who reads this article strives to eventually own some form of passive income. You absolutely need it today and anyone who tells you otherwise is not keeping up with the times.

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The importance of failing.

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“Somebody who can reckon with the past, who can live with the past in the present, and move towards the future – that’s fabulous.” – Bruce Springsteen

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Succeeding at something makes you feel good. You win a race and receive a medal and you feel as if you are on top of the world. We should all feel good after winning at something, however do you learn more from you wins or your losses?

Failing makes you learn more than winning at something because it is easier to find out what you need to improve upon. If I lose the race am I going to feel great no, but you will find out what you need to improve upon and make amends to your current race strategy.

Failing a lot is fine as long as you are making improvements every time you fail. If you fail and do the same exact thing as before you are creating the very definition of insanity which is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Personally I have screwed up a lot, however I can say with complete transparency that I would not be the person I am today if I did not make all of those mistakes.

Nobody is a perfectionist and nobody should strive to be one in the first place because if they were that good at something in the first place then they should not have to be there. Everything should be considered a learning experience. If you are not expanding your knowledge base and growing as an individual you have either been lazy or have already reached peak performance and I doubt anyone has done the latter.

Understand that society will scream your failures and whisper your success. Nobody can care less if you succeed. And if you eventually reach the upper pyramid of society people will say things such as “They got lucky” “This person was in the right place at the right time” What they do not see is all of the blood, sweat, and tears you have relinquished to get to that point. These same people who are probably in the same situation than you or worse have no problem telling you how awful you are.

I hope you all have enjoyed this article. As of September 27th ActandOperation is now over a month old. Thank you all who have given feedback to the site i appreciate it all.

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The one skill you will always use.

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“Time is your friend; impulse is your enemy.”- Jack Bogle

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There are many skills you learn in your childhood like walking, riding a bike, tying your shoes, or solving math problems. Once you get to later adolescence/adulthood you learn even more skills like driving, doing your taxes, and creating your monthly budget. In all of your years of living however there is one skill you will always use and that is the art of sales.

Being able to sell something goes down to all levels of life. If you are a camp counselor or in an entry level position at a company you will be selling great customer service. Once you get to the upper echelons of life you get to selling stuff in a marketing department, or even better selling items in a personal business you created yourself.

Even if you are not at the age to obtain a job you will still need to learn sales. If you want to convince your parents for weekly allowance you need to sell the reasons why you deserve said allowance. At school when you are doing presentations you need to do a good job selling the message to them so you obtain a good response from the crowd and get a good grade.

Learn this skill well because it will always be with you. It is extremely flexible because if you use it well it can help you get whatever you want in life.

Thank you all for checking out this weeks article. I have some exciting news which is that I recently started a business. The name is Ordinance Electronics LLC. At this business I will be selling electronics and doing local computer repair.

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The best beginner stock strategy.

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There’s no limit possible to the expansion of each one of us.

Charles M. Schwab

It took until the 5th post but now here I am finally talking about a specific investment vehicle. This investment is stocks or securities if you like bigger words.

I myself have personal experience with the stock market. In August of 2017 I opened up my first brokerage account.

The strategy I used in the beginning, and I still use today is to purchase one share of a large cap index fund every month. Now you can invest in different flavors of index funds it is all dependent on your level of risk tolerance and financial situation.

This buy and forget strategy is formally known as dollar cost averaging where you buy at a set point in time no matter what the market conditions are.

If the market is down you buy at a “discount and over the decades you hold the stock your risk will be minimized. If the market is up you are still good for the price increasing.

This beginner strategy is good because you don’t have to spend time analyzing stocks so you can put resources elsewhere. However the returns you get will never be crazy, like in the realms of 50%+ gains. Your gains are dependent on the entire market as a whole and the S@P 500 has historically averaged 8%

Finally the best thing about this plan is that is prepares your stomach for the markets ups and downs so you don’t sell on emotion. Once you have more knowledge you can indulge in individual stocks which I didn’t do till several months after I regularly purchased index fund shares.

I hope you all loved my first specific investment vehicle article!

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It’s dumb to spend money to shorten your life.

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If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.-Dale Carnegie

First off before I go too in-depth on this article let me give a shout out to user LeoNard Cone – ( for having the idea for an entire article on sin items such as cigarettes, tobacco, vapes, etc… I can’t thank him enough.

Life forms eventually expire after days, to months, to years. From small organisms such as ants, to the largest apex predators which is us homosapians. Living beings such as lobsters live for around 30-40 years. However modern day humans have extended their age to around 100 if you are smart enough with your decisions and the cards you were dealt when you were born. Sadly many humans make poor choices with their lives and some indulge in sin items.

Sin items reduce your lifespan because you can develop health problems. An avid smoker can develop lung problems and shorten his/her life, or cancer, yellow teeth, and crippling your esophagus so much to the point where you need a voice modifier. The dip icing on this proverbial sin cake is that people spend money to do all these harmful things to their bodies.

A pack a day person spends as much as $2,000 a year on cigarettes. That is a heavy price to pay to shorten your life. $2,000 can pay off debt, be used in a childs trust fund, or most importantly used to buy healthy foods to extend your lively hood! I understand that people smoke for a variety of reasons, but when you look at it objectively it seems very counterintuitive to smoke, vape, and dip.

Thankfully in todays society smoking is heavily found upon, taxed extra, and on the verge of extinction. Vaping is on the rise though and many teens are getting into it. Vaping does having second hand effects and is not 100% harmless. To combat all these bad habits people need to acquire non harmful habits. These can include chewing gum, playing with a rubber band, or using a stress ball. It takes around 3 weeks(21 days) to break a habit. I understand that it is not as easy as dropping the JUUL, Cigarettee, or dip container because your body will go through withdrawal, this is however a small price to pay to become clean and extend your life.

Thank you all for tuning in every week. I enjoy posting content and would love feedback for future improvements.

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The best asset that you can invest in.

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“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.”

-Benjamin Graham

Assets produce income and liabilities take away income. What if I told you that you have all been sitting on the largest wealth building asset your entire life. That asset is yourself. If you would like to build more wealth you have to invest in yourself.

You don’t even have to spend money on yourself. You can go to the library check out books and expand your knowledge base, or you can go online to learn a new language which is always very valuable.

There are paid methods to investing in yourself but none are guaranteed that you will receive the outcome you wanted. There is post secondary education which is most definitely required for positions such as doctors, lawyers, or engineers. However it is debatable if they are required for anything outside of that trinity of careers.

Paid courses are also available but you must do your research on those because there are valuable courses and there are scam courses. Creating a course yourself though is highly lucrative. If you have enough knowledge on a topic you can monetize it and turn it into a source of passive income.

Before you delve into different investments put forth the time and effort required to get the full rewards. Strive to read several books in the course of a year, take advantage of free courses, exercise, but most importantly try to strive to be more prepared than the person who is doing the same thing you are doing. You can never be too prepared.

Most successful people such as Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos all invest in themselves and that is how they grew as individuals. You don’t need to have money to make money all you need to do is sink your most precious resource off all which is time.

I hope you all enjoyed my third article for this blog. As of this post it is the day after my birthday, so I am now 18! Being a legal adult now comes with its fair share of responsibilities, but it also has perks. I would still love to make all of your Sundays valuable with a new post!

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